Telemarketing and Appointment Setting Services

Leadcall can undertake the all important groundwork or 'prospecting' on your behalf through a intelligent telemarketing service, allowing your sales staff to maximise their actual customer-facing time. We have a dedicated team of professional engaging telemarketers who are really great at relationship building and establishing a rapport with your prospects.

Through a more consultative approach, using open questioning, and integrating proven digital marketing techniques, we will uncover key marketing intelligence about your target audience so that you understand their business in more depth and identify where and how you can add value.

  • Developing new sales opportunities

    Leadcall’s telemarketing and lead generation services are focused on engaging with industry decision makers and also key influencers on your behalf in order to understand and ascertain intelligence that is beneficial to the development of your products / services and identification of the markets or customer types that fit your business. By understanding a company in more depth you can hone in on those businesses with whom you know are potentially looking to do business, and build a compelling case for choosing to engage with you.

    It's all in the detail

    Purchasers are so much more savvy or informed about their market space that it simply isn't enough to 'cold call' a decision maker with a generic introduction to your business. It pays dividends to dig a little deeper and glean pertinent MI in order to build as we would term a 'business case' for choosing your company over a competitor. We can interact with your prospects or customers on your behalf so you get to understand them, helping you to identify how and where you can create value and win more business. Some of our clients adopt our profiling/prospecting services for example to explore new markets or customer types that could potentially fit their business and proposition. Our profiling model will include identifying a particular need or points of pain, to identify a gap in the market for example. We will also explore the relevant chain of command, key influencers and decision makers and capture their existing supplier relationships and contractual status.

    Pipeline Management

    We manage the pipeline data internally using our sales CRM technology, following leads through the key phases - from initial contact with a prospect, to qualifying that prospect into a warm lead, and ongoing validation of those leads through profiling until such time as they become live sales opportunities. We also use other market sources to act as triggers for moving target prospects through the sales process for example news in the trade press, new appointments, relevant legislation or legislative changes, competitor activity etc. Leadcall can design and build bespoke reporting that helps you to see exactly how your campaign is progressing, highlight any sweet spots within your target market, and any other analysis you may need for your own reference or to present to your stakeholders.


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